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    Bottled Water & Cold Beverages

    Valley Purified Water

    • Valley Beverage Purified Water 24/16.9oz

    • Valley Beverage Purified Water Pallet 24/16.oz (84 cases)

    Crystal Geyser Bottled Water


    • #35001  Crystal Geyser Water  24/16.9oz
    • Crystal Geyser Water Pallet  24/16.oz (84 cases)

    Storm Cafe Water and Coffee Dispenser

    • Storm Cooler - configured with a coffee brewer

    • Extremely quiet brewing cycle and dispensing

    • Brewer options include 6, 8, or 10 oz cup size

    • Patented removable cafe brewer head for ease of cleaning in your dishwasher

    • Hot water is maintained at optimum temperature for brewing hot beverages, no waiting required

    • Smart Flo Water Cartridge - replacing is simple, quick. and hygienic

    • Quality, commercial-grade construction

    • Optional cup dispenser available, mount to the rear of the cooler in seconds

    • Integrated cup stand

    • UL Certified to NSF372

    • Energy Star Certified

    • The unit can be converted to POU/Mains Fed using a conversion kit

    Bottled Water Coolers

    Premium Bottled Water Coolers

    #5001 - Mirage Bottom Load Water Cooler 1 COUNT

    Cold Cups

    Private Label Water

    Are you looking for some branded promotional items for your company or do you have a special event coming up? Ask us about our Private Label Water program; delicious Valley Beverage water with your company's logo or event right on the bottle.

    "We have been extremely pleased with the service and professionalism that Valley Beverage Solutions provides to the department. They go above and beyond in their customer service, often storing our private label products at no cost and delivering them at the drop of a hat for free. They have been a tremendous supporter of our community policing programs and efforts, and have donated to our large community events on more than one occasion." – Leon Lott, Richland County Sheriff

    • #21  Private Labeled Water  24/16.9 oz

    Water Filtration

    We are happy to offer bottle-less water coolers! Our filtration coolers utilize a dual 8 stage filtration system that purifies water from an existing source in your facility. These coolers require very little maintenance and are not heavy to lift. Our filtration coolers are available in Hot & Cold units, as well as Room Temperature & Cold units. Get in touch today to learn more and get a quote.

    1 Gallon Bottled Water


    • #12  3/1 Gallon Distilled Water  3/1 gallon
    • 3/1 Gallon Distilled Water Pallet  3/1 gallon (56 cases)

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