About Us

Valley Beverage Solutions is a bottled water, coffee and breakroom supply distributor serving the Midlands and Upstate South Carolina. Our goal is to provide top quality products that give our customers the most value for their hard-earned money.

We offer the freshest bottled water you can find in South Carolina! Because we're local, you're assured of the best-tasting water possible. Unlike out-of-state companies whose water is drawn from far away springs and shipped across the country, Valley Beverage water is bottled and delivered to you promptly!

We’ve expanded our business by adding a full-service coffee and janitorial/breakroom supply service. What used to take three vendors to keep your breakroom stocked with the essentials, can now be done with just one.

We’re in the business of making our customers lives easier. We believe our past, present and future successes come from a total dedication to excellent customer service and high quality products. Going above and beyond to meet our customers' needs is why we're in business and we are committed to sustaining that promise.

Valley Beverage Solutions is an environmentally friendly company that is committed to help protect our environment. We proudly recycle all by-products and support companies that are committed to help build and preserve a sustainable future. Please help us, by doing your part for our future - Go Green recycle logo