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CR1B-FS Refrigerator

  • Vacuum formed, seamless, one piece ABS interior liner
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Ducted air distribution system
  • Solid state digital control with temperature alarms and LED display
  • Step door design an insulated with 2⅜” foamed in place polyurethane
  • Refrigerant flow is controlled with TXV expansion valve

HR24A Refrigerator

  • Stainless steel exterior and door (field reversible)
  • ENERGY STAR qualified and UL approved for outdoor use
  • One piece ABS interior liner
  • Ducted air flow for even air distribution throughout cabinet
  • Electronic controls with LED temperature display

RH2-SSE-FS Refrigerator

  • Dimensions: 55″ W x 33.6″ D x 82.5″ H
  • Storage capacity of 48 cubic feet
  • Nominal Compres. of 2661 BTU/hr at 2/3 HP
  • Electrical consumption of 3.4 kWh/day, at 6 Amps on a 5 – 15P NEMA Plug
  • Exclusive “stepped” door design to protect recessed door gasket
  • Metal torsion spring door hinge design with stay open feature (field reversible with optional kit)
  • Flush mount door handles

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