Bottled Water, Water Coolers and Water Filtration Systems

Valley Beverage Solutions offers the freshest, best tasting water in South Carolina. No matter your office’s specific needs and preferences, we are sure to offer the products and equipment to keep your employees happy and hydrated.

We offer a variety of bottled water coolers including spring water, drinking water, distilled water and spring water with fluoride added, all in various sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons. If bottles aren’t your thing, try a filtration bottle-less cooler. Our filtration coolers utilize an industrial filtration system that removes lead, microbial cysts, chlorine, iron, carbon, sediment and many other common impurities.

Valley Beverage can also deliver cases or pallets of bottled water to your business. We carry a wide range of sizes to keep your breakroom stocked properly.

5 gallon containers of water being delivered to office

See what goes into producing a bottle of drinking water – from cleaning to filling to capping.

What sets Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water apart from the rest – it is the only major U.S. spring water bottled at the mountain source.