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  • Storm Cafe Water and Coffee Dispenser

    Storm Cafe Water and Coffee Dispenser

    • Storm Cooler – configured with a coffee brewer
    • Extremely quiet brewing cycle and dispensing
    • Brewer options include 6, 8, or 10 oz cup size
    • Patented removable cafe brewer head for ease of cleaning in your dishwasher
    • Hot water is maintained at optimum temperature for brewing hot beverages, no waiting required
    • Smart Flo Water Cartridge – replacing is simple, quick. and hygienic
    • Quality, commercial-grade construction
    • Optional cup dispenser available, mount to the rear of the cooler in seconds
    • Integrated cup stand
    • UL Certified to NSF372
    • Energy Star Certified
    • The unit can be converted to POU/Mains Fed using a conversion kit
  • Bottled Water Coolers

    Bottled Water Coolers

    • #19  3 Gallon Drinking Water  1 COUNT
    • #18  3 Gallon Valley Natural R/O  1 COUNT
    • #12  3/1 Gallon Distilled Water  3/1 gallon
    • #13  3/1 Gallon Water  3/1 gallon
    • #17  5 Gallon Valley -Natural W/ Fluoride  1 COUNT
    • #16  5 Gallon Valley Distilled Water  1 COUNT
    • #15  5 Gallon Valley Drinking Water  1 COUNT
    • #14  5 Gallon Valley Natural R/O Water  1 COUNT
  • Premium Bottled Water Coolers

    Premium Bottled Water Coolers

    #5001 – Mirage Bottom Load Water Cooler 1 COUNT

  • Oasis Touchless Water Cooler

    Oasis Touchless Water Cooler

    No matter what’s going on in life, we know one thing for certain: hydration is important. Our Oasis Touchless Coolers ensure your employees and customers can hydrate safely by allowing for hands-free use at your water dispensers. All they need to do is push down on the easy-to-use foot pedal to fill their cups with fresh, replenishing spring water.

    Designed for OASIS bottle and POU units, these kits are not only easy to use, but easy to install. To retrofit your unit in just five simple steps, you’ll drill a hole in the cabinet, replace the bonnet assembly, then attach the cable, pedal, and visor. After setup, your employees and customers can immediately start enjoying the new, safe experience.

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