Water Coolers

Valley Beverage Solutions provides Oasis and Waterfall water dispensers equipped with cold, hot, and room temperature waterspouts. Perfect machines for your business amenities and great for dispensing your bottled water.

Water Filtration

Here at Valley Beverage, not only do we offer bottled water coolers but we also offer bottle-less water coolers. Our filtration coolers utilize a dual 8-stage filtration system that purifies water from an existing source in your facility. These coolers require very little maintenance and better yet, are not heavy to lift. Our filtration coolers are available in both hot and cold units, as well as room temperature and cold units. Call today for a quote and go bottle-less!

Ice Machine Rental & Leasing

Valley Beverage Solutions now carries a full line of Hoshizaki ice machines and refrigerators to serve your business. Our all-inclusive leasing program takes the expense and headache away from the customer. For a low monthly fixed rate, you will never have to worry about the large capital expense associated with purchasing and maintaining your ice machine or refrigeration unit. You provide the water supply, electrical outlets, proper drainage and we take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Refrigerator Rental & Leasing

Valley Beverage Solutions offers a diverse range of Hoshizaki refrigerators that will meet your business needs. Units are available for purchase or rental.