Benefits of 3M

Hard Water

  • Consists of dissolved minerals in the water
  • Causes white scaling and water spots on glassware
  • Can damage appliances, clothing and pipes
  • Reduces the efficiency of hot water appliances
  • 3M brand water softener systems effectively reduce the hardness in your household water

White Scale

  • Visible sign of hard water
  • Accumulates on faucet ends and other fixtures
  • Requires aggressive cleaning chemicals to remove
  • Can develop inside appliances, pipes and water heaters
  • Can decrease the life of your costly appliances and plumbing fixtures

Poor-Tasting Water

  • Contaminants can cause musty, fishy, or poor-tasting water
  • Contaminants can be reduced with a 3M drinking water system
  • Can be installed under kitchen and bath sinks
  • 3M Advanced Whole House Filtration System for City Water can improve the taste of all of your water

Chlorine Taste and Odor

  • Compounds containing chlorine is added to municipal water
  • Helps ensure the water supplied by utilities is free of potentially harmful bacteria
  • All of the 3M Clean Water Solutions drinking water systems are tested and certified to effectively reduce chlorine taste and odors

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