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Benefits of 3M Water Services

Water Softener Systems, Water Filtration Systems, Drinking Water Systems

Reduces Hard Water

  • 3M water softener systems effectively reduce the hardness in your household water
  • Hard water consists of dissolved minerals in the water and can -
    • Cause white scaling and water spots on glassware
    • Damage appliances, clothing and pipes
    • Reduce the efficiency of hot water appliances

Reduces White Scale

  • White scale is a visible sign of hard water and can -
    • Accumulate on faucet ends and other fixtures, requiring aggressive cleaning chemicals to remove
    • Develop inside appliances, pipes and water heaters
    • Decrease the life of your costly appliances and plumbing fixtures

Improves Poor-Tasting Water

  • Contaminants can cause musty, fishy, or poor-tasting water
  • 3M Advanced Whole House Filtration System for City Water can improve the taste of your water. 3M drinking water systems can be installed under kitchen and bath sinks.

Removes Chlorine Taste and Odor

  • Compounds containing chlorine are added to municipal water
  • All of the 3M Clean Water Solutions drinking water systems are tested and certified to effectively reduce chlorine taste and odors. This helps ensure the water supplied by utilities is free of potentially harmful bacteria.

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